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Trench Foot Cream

Trench Foot Cream

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Trench Foot Cream is designed to reduce the onset of maceration and blisters.

Apply at the start of event and as required, covering the sole of feet and toes after cleaning and drying feet. Average number of applications for both feet size 8 is 20 with a volume of 15ml. Made of 3 ingredients: Non-Nano Zinc, Bees Wax or Candelilla wax for vegan cream and Cocos Nucifera Oil

TOP TIPS FROM FEEDBACK: 1)Apply night before race 2)Reapply in the morning 3)If you use tape, apply tape before Trench 4)Use from the start of the race as once problems start its not easy to reverse. 5)Apply regularly- Trench takes a couple mins to apply, maceration significantly reduces speed. 6)If you use waterproof socks still apply, due to sweat and water getting in over the tops. 7) Use in hot weather,Maceration is as much a problem as in winter wet conditions.

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